Thursday, September 20, 2007

Are you ready for Teen Read Week?

Teen Read Week is coming up fast (October 14-20), but it's not too late to plan an event.

Top Ten Reasons to celebrate Teen Read Week:

10. It breaks up that Labor Day to Thanksgiving slump quiet nicely.

9. Got a co-worker who hates teens? Bring in more just to spite them!

8. There are always Great New Titles to promote.

7. With standardized testing and AR teens need to be encouraged to read just for fun.

6. WWDD? What would Dewey do? Well, he'd celebrate TRW.

5. Teens need positive press.

4. Everyone needs to LOL sometimes!

3.It's a good time to connect with youth-serving partners in your area.

2.Between the Official YALSA site and the TRW Wiki you don't need to stretch for ideas.

1. We're teen librarians, we don't need a reason to celebrate teens and reading!


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